What really helps reduce allergens in your home

conventional-allergy-medicationsDo allergy medications and products really make help? Well, if you are just going by the plethora of products readily available for sale on the specialized allergy market, the answer would have to be yes. Literally, walking into any drug store you can you find products for every form of allergy imaginable and home and for every part of your body. Conventional medicine and medication have become less popular as allergy sufferers do not want the long term dependence of taking medicines routinely.

How to Remove Allergy Triggers from your home

cropped-images-97.jpegThere are some tools or equipment that are must have for allergy sufferers, some of the most important ones are HEPA air purifier to remove VOCs and HEPA filters for your vacuum. Some other items that you may want to consider to fully allergy proof your home are 100% pure cotton bed linen and pillows; masks that you can wear at work or are outside, fragrance-free non-toxic cleaning materials made by EnviroKlenz, and dehumidifiers

Do a quick Internet search and you’ll discover 100’s of allergy related pages and allergy items of all sorts and of all price varieties. The allergy is a big business and many companies are providing quality products that can ease the pain of dealing with allergies and other are just looking to capitalize off a somewhat vulnerable situation

Don’t Expect everyone to relate to your allergies

cs-agentIf you suffer from allergies, you too might be lured to get on the allergy bandwagon or may suffer from shiny box syndrome and buy anything and everything that promises to help. I warn you now do not fall into this trap, beyond being very costly it can also be frustrating and time-consuming. Research the company that you are interested in and ask them a question on their technology and how they can help. Any reputable company should have a customer service number to call and get information from so may sure you are speaking to a human and not a robot or internet chat box

Several allergy-related issues have to be addressed before you whip out your credit card. Otherwise, the allergy products that you select might not meet your expectations and end up being a full dud. First and foremost before you go calling on a company and questioning their product ou should know yourself from a-z and understand what triggers your allergies and what you are looking to accomplish. If you do not have this information it will be tough for the sales person or customer support to accurately help you and you may end up wasting both your time. You should know right off the top of your head if you are sensitive to pet dander, dust, VOCs, fragrances,allergen, food, grass, or what? If you know, that’s fantastic. If you don’t, you might wish to first go through a round of allergy reaction tests to identify your bane.

When you know what it is you dislike you then need to spend some time reading the descriptions of the allergic reaction products before you acquire any. Why? Due to the fact that the allergy products you may have an interest in may not be designed to minimize the allergens that cause your issues. For example, the purpose of an air filter is to get rid of airborne irritants, the ones that spend the majority of their time suspended in air, like animal dander.

Returning to air filters, most are ineffective for dealing with plant-based allergens, although these are considered air-borne allergens. When it comes to ragweed, grass clippings, and other such irritants, it is much better to keep these from getting in the home in the first place by closing doors and windows and running an air conditioner.