wear face mask to prevet allergy

Seasonal allergies can be bothersome, and at times, can be life-threatening if not relieved quickly and managed effectively.

While anti-histamine pills can be your go-to source of instant allergy relief, there are other ways to keep seasonal allergy symptoms at bay using natural remedies, which are easy to purchase and easy to find even in your own home kitchen.

Presented here are some simple and natural remedies for seasonal allergy relief:

natural allergy relief you can easily do today

What Are the Natural Remedies That Provide Fast Seasonal Allergy Relief?

Inhale the Steam or Vapor from Salt and Warm Water Solution for Allergy Relief

Inhaling steam or vapor from salt and warm water solution for allergy relief is a great start to treat and manage stuffy and runny noses and sinuses.

You only need a pot of warm distilled water mixed with salt and you can proceed with inhaling its steam or vapor. This treatment will help flush out allergens such a pollen and loosen mucus in your stuffy nose.

Eucalyptus oil in warm water is also a very effective alternative.

Treat Yourself to Some Honey

If you are allergic to pollen transferred by bees from floral blossoms, then eating at least two tablespoons of honey everyday can help you gradually become immune and protected from the adverse effects of the pollen.

Enjoy a Warm Bath

Soothe and ease your sinuses and clear your nasal passages and air passageways with a steaming warm shower. This is beneficial and will provide allergy relief to sufferers from springtime allergies.

Aside from the aromatic and therapeutic effects of the vapor or steam from your warm bath, you will also cleanse your body, skin and hair of allergens, which you may have acquired as you were strolling outside. Not only will you rid yourself of outdoor allergens, but you will limit allergens from inside the house such as pet dander and regular dust and dirt.

You can avoid spreading these allergens to your clothes, the curtains, and bed covers and sheets, and pillows, among other surfaces within your house which can house these allergens.

Put on a Hat, Shades and Face Mask

If you need to run some errands and cannot avoid going out of the house during daytime when pollen count is particularly higher, then never leave without your hat, sunglasses and anĀ EnviroKlenz Breathing Mask, the best face mask out there.

All these will help keep pollen from getting into your eyes and nasal passages, even your ears, and irritate them, causing them to itch.

wear face mask to prevet allergy

Take Apple Cider Vinegar for Allergy Relief

When you know it is that time of year which you are specifically allergic to, limit the symptoms and fight off the attacks with a great drink to start your morning every day.

In a glass of water, pour in one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar for allergy relief and add some fresh lemon juice to complete the treatment solution.

Of course, you have to consult with your doctor to truly identify your seasonal allergies to begin with. Your doctor will be the best person to advise you on how to manage your allergies. However, do not underestimate the healing properties of natural remedies for allergy relief. They can come in handy when there is not much time to go to the clinic and get a solution.